Ludi initium MMXV ad - MMXVI

Ultima - The last piece in the list
Tricesima septima-Case in point
Tricesima sexta- Roof over your head
Tricesima quinta - Six feet under ground
Tricesima quarta - Head in the sand
Tricesima tertia - In between jobs
Tricesima secunda - twinkle in the eye
Tricesima prima - Uptown
Tricesima - I am counting on you
Undetricesima - Musically inclined
Duodetricesima - Neon lights
Vicesima Septima - Ice cube
Vicesima Sexta - First Aid
Vicesima Quinta - An hour in the day
Vicesima Quarta - Fire in the hole
Vicesima Tertia - Down town
Vicesima Secunda - A bear in the forest
Vicesima Prima - Somewhere over the rainbow
Vicesima - Easy on the eyes
Undevicesima - Big bad wolf
Duodevicesima- Foot in the door
Septima Decima - Equally important
Sexta Decima - A man for all seasons
Quinta Decima - Every cloud has a silver lining
Quarta Decima - Man overboard - over the gunwale
Tertia Decima - All thumbs
Duodecima - (My) BIG brother and (my) LITTLE sister
Undecima - Purple haze
Decima - One foot in front of the other
Nona - Safety in numbers
Octava - Farmer in the dell
Septima - A little fish in a big pond
Sexta - Light at the end of the tunnel
Quinta - Tongue in cheek
Quarta - Green with envy
Tertia - Crossroads
Secunda - Two heads are greater (better) than one
Prima - Green fingers

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